The University of San Francisco: Koret Health And Recreation Center

Group Exercise

Group Exercise Class Schedule

*Call 415-422-6811 to check about last minute cancellations.  Emergencies do happen, so we cannot always provide advance notice of subs and cancellations.

All TRX classes are FREE!
NO sign-up, no fee, simply SHOW UP, LINE UP & WORK UP a sweat!
Arrive early, space is limited to 9 participants!
TRX Suspension Training 
@ 7-7:45am w/Melissa (Swig #3)
@ 12:15pm w/Brian (Swig #3)
@ 5:15pm w/Brian (Swig #3)

@ 10:30-11:30am w/Brian (Swig #3)
@ 5:15pm w/Brian (Swig #3)
Class Max. = 9

TRX Rip Training
Mondays & Wednesdays
@ 3:15-4pm w/Tenae (Aerobics Room)

Speed bags (2)
Heavy bag (1)
Concept 2 Indoor Rowers (10) 

Boxer's Conditioning Workout
This non-contact boxing class gives participants of all ages and ability levels a challenging workout designed to mimic a boxer's conditioning workout.  Instructors are competitive boxers from the USF Boxing team, and coaches certified by USA Boxing.
Wednesdays @ 12:15pm w/JR
Fridays @ 12:15pm w/JR

Warrior F.I.T. (Fitness Interval Training)
This Crossfit-style class incorporates kettlebells, Olympic Bars, battling ropes, body-weight exercises, medicine balls, intervals and challenging circuits to pack a punch to your lunch break! 
Mondays @ 12:15pm w/Erik
Thursdays @ 12:15pm w/Erik