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USF Assessment Project Completion Summary


Name of survey

Unit conducting survey


Please provide a summary (maximum of two pages) that answers the following questions. The answers may be in bullet point form.


  1. What is the purpose of the survey?
  2. What is the survey methodology (please indicate the sample size, response rate, sampling error, etc. and the website where full details can be obtained)?
  3. In what ways does this survey contribute to the mission and strategic initiatives of the University of San Francisco?


  1. What general comments or background issues, if any, are crucial to understanding the survey’s conclusions?
  2. What trends emerge from this survey over the last five years?
  3. What are the most important findings that emerged from this survey (if necessary, please specify national and USF findings)?


  1. What specific recommendations for improvement have been generated based upon the survey’s findings?
  2. What is the timetable for responding to and implementing these recommendations?
  3. Submit copies of final reports and raw data to the Office of Institutional Assessment