FAQs for students taking General Chemistry starting in Summer and Fall 2014:

Q: I need to retake Chem 111 as a USF student (or I am a visiting student or I got C or higher in Chem 001 or equivalent course). Do I still need to take the Diagnostic Test?
A: Yes. Everyone means everyone! We want you to study the tutorials first, then take the diagnostic test to get a realistic idea if you will succeed. You can always re-study the tutorials and retake the test to improve your preparation. You will be blocked unless you take the test.
Q. Can I take CHEM 111 or CHEM 113 without being enrolled in the lab?
A: CHEM 111+CHEM 112 Lab or CHEM 113+CHEM 114 Lab are co-requisites in our electronic system, meaning students must sign up for both at the same time.
Q. If I drop the lecture, will I have to drop the lab?
A: Yes.
Q: If I need to retake the lecture, but got C or higher in lab, do I repeat both?
A: No. But, you must sign up for both and ask us to drop the lab upon screen shot proof of your lab grade. (Send your request/proof to Deidre Shymanski at dhshymanski@usfca.edu.)
Q. Where do I get a lab manual for 112 Lab or 114 Lab?
A. The custom USF lab manuals are only sold by our student-run Chemistry Club (ACS USF Student Chapter) on the fourth floor of Harney at posted times before labs begin each semester.

Updated 3/28/2014