Education Dean Wins Two National Scholar Awards

04-07-2014Kevin Kumashiro

School of Education Dean Kevin Kumashiro has been recognized by two national organizations for his contributions to multicultural education and education reform.

Student’s Life-Saving App Adopted By Hundreds of Cities 

04-02-2014Joseph Ekman

Residents and 911 operators in about 500 cities and counties across the country can now use an emergency smartphone app that was created by USF information systems student Joseph Ekman ’14 to save lives.

Alumna Manages the Biggest and Best in Sports

03-28-2014Tara August

 Coffee with Cal Ripken Jr., a quick call with Charles Barkley, and a meeting with Shaquille O’Neal—that’s all in a day’s work for Tara August MA ’04.

Graduate Saves Lives and Transforms Health Care in Ghana

03-26-2014Barbara Denman in Ghana

Barbara Demman ’98 is leading a pioneering effort to train Ghanaian nurses in emergency medicine so they can open desperately needed hospital emergency departments and rural clinics throughout the nation. 

Scoring Laughs as a Stand-Up Comic

03-21-2014Christina Pazsitzky

Christina Pazsitzky ’99 is a headliner in the male-dominated world of stand-up comedy.

Student EMRs Respond to Campus Medical Calls

03-17-2014Emergency Medical Responders

A new Emergency Medical Response (EMR) service led and staffed by USF students is offering fast, front-line treatment for on-campus medical emergencies.

Putting Filipino Food on NYC Map

03-14-2014Nicole Ponseca

New York City restaurateur Nicole Ponseca ’98 is an unlikely success story in an industry that remains an old boys’ club, and in which few businesses survive.

USF Women Lead and Succeed

03-07-2014EJ Jung Computer Campu

USF women are leading and succeeding in diverse industries, including many that remain dominated by men. Here, in honor of Women’s History Month, we present a series of profiles of exceptional, inspirational women who are making their mark in fields from computer science to stand-up comedy.

USF Author of “Farm City” Celebrated in Marin

03-05-2014Novella Carpenter

“Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer,” by best-selling author, blogger, and USF environmental studies instructor Novella Carpenter, has been named Marin County’s must-read book of the year.

School of Law Dean Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act

02-28-2014Trasvina Civil Rights small

USF School of Law Dean John Trasviña celebrated the courage of young people pushing for change in his first campus-wide address, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.

New Lab Bolsters Science Research

02-26-2014Fletcher Jones lab

A new half-million-dollar science laboratory is shaking up the way research is done at USF. The lab advances the university’s research in specialties like cancer, climate change, and nanotechnology by 20 years.

Professor’s Story Collection is Book Prize Finalist

02-24-2014Susan Steinberg

Susan Steinberg’s most recent book of short stories about bad girls and broken hearts is a Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist.

5 Ways to Protect Your Online Information

02-10-2014Students in computer lab

Hackers want your information, and they’re finding ever-more-diabolical ways to steal it. Luckily, USF’s Eunjin (EJ) Jung has made it her job to foil these online thieves. The assistant professor of computer science even has students build their own password-cracking software, so she can teach them how to defend against unwanted snooping.

‘Book of the Year’ Tackles the Business Side of Nursing

02-05-2014KT Waxman


A new book out of the School of Nursing and Health Professions has been name book of the year by one of the most prestigious nursing journals in the world for cutting through the complexities of hospital and medical-insurance funding and helping nurses become better patient advocates.

ESPN Tells the Story of Football Team’s 1951 Stand Against Racism

02-03-2014Ollie Matson

ESPN aired the incredible true story of the USF football team’s stand against injustice and racism in 1951. When the players were asked to leave the team’s two African American players behind in exchange for a berth in the Orange Bowl, they refused.

Nursing Alum Breaks San Francisco Marathon Record

01-31-2014Anna Bretan

Anna Bretan ’06 started running marathons two years ago on a whim. The former Dons cross country standout has now won four of the five marathons she’s competed in, and set three records along the way.

Is NSA Spying on Americans Legal?

01-23-2014Susan Freiwald

USF law Professor Susan Freiwald is an expert on electronic surveillance law, and she discusses the spying exposed in classified documents released by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who has been charged with espionage. 

Coveted Training in Emergency Deliveries for Nurses and Physicians

01-21-2014A nursing student trains in the USF nursing simulation laboratory

International nurses and physicians will descend on USF next week to train in the School of Nursing and Health Profession’s cutting edge simulation lab and learn from USF nursing faculty in classes that are part of the largest annual symposium on nursing simulation in the world.

California Assistant Principal of the Year From USF

01-14-2014Cynthia Rapaido Co-Administrator of the Year

We expect educators to do more than teach our kids to read and write and do arithmetic. These days, we also want them to protect our kids, to mentor our kids, and to counsel our kids through personal and family troubles. We want them to be more than educators, which is exactly what USF’s Cynthia Rapaido MA ’96, EdD ’11 is. She’s been named California’s assistant principal of the year.

School of Management Ranks in Top 25 for Sustainability 

01-06-2014USF wins green MBA award

From supply chain management to packaging and marketing, USF students have embraced sustainable business practices in courses throughout the School of Management, and have even launched their own clubs and a nationally recognized networking organization. The school’s eco-conscious efforts recently landed the school in the top 25 business schools in the world for sustainability, according to clean capitalism proponent Corporate Knights media.

Who Made 'Breaking Bad' So Good?

12-20-2013Breaking Bad

Gennifer Hutchison ’98 was a "Breaking Bad" writer whose very first episode was nominated for a Writer’s Guild Award. Each week, she kept millions of viewers on the edge of their seats, awaiting the fates of high school chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin Walter White and his partner-in-crime, Jesse Pinkman.

On Golf’s Biggest Stage at U.S. Open

12-16-2013Cory McElyea wins California Amateur

Cory McElyea '14 beat out 14,000 amateur golfers from across the country to win a spot in the U.S. Open, and then, after competing in one of golf’s biggest tournaments and running on just four hours of sleep, he flew to the West Coast and won the California State Amateur Championship.

Recipe for Success

12-06-2013Carlos Muela

Carlos Muela '09 was chewing over an idea: If one food truck is good he thought, then a bunch of trucks with a bunch of different cuisines, all in one place, must be great.